Minor breed test

Minor Breeds Working Test on Saturday 13 July 2019 at Ash Farm

The United Retriever Club held it’s very first Minor Breeds Working Test on Saturday 13 July at Ash Farm, Ingelby, near Derby, by kind permission of Philip Bishop who could not have been more helpful; he spent the day with us, doing so much to ensure that the event ran smoothly. The event was organised by Frank Wright, on behalf of the parent body of the club. The local Midland Area found the ground for us and loaned their test equipment for the day.  The tests were sponsored by Skinner’s Petfoods and M Duerden Ltd who donated the rosettes. We are also grateful to Janet Morris who supplied specials for the winners.

The judges were Graham Stanley, Jill Gardner and Frank Wright whose sympathetic and helpful judging was much appreciated by the competitors, many of whom had never competed in a working test before. Our helpers came from all over the country, including four of the officers of the parent body, three Area Chairmen and one recently retired Area Chairman. Sue Worrall, who was our photographer the previous week at the Area Finals in Yorkshire, spent the day recording this historic event.

There were thirty-five dogs entered in four different categories, Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, Novice and Intermediate. The four breeds who took part were Curly Coated Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Irish Water Spaniels, who competed in six tests, set in parkland, different types of cover and in woodland.  The tests themselves included a mixture of marks and blinds, featuring a walk up, a drive, and a pick up, with the top scoring dog only dropping five marks out of a possible 120.

Having decided to go straight through, the judges and helpers were able to sit down and enjoy lunch while the scores were added up by our Field Trial Secretary, Lorne Kentish. We were delighted that the judges were able to award first place in all four categories and that altogether thirteen awards were made. Our host Philip Bishop presented the awards to representatives of all the breeds present.


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 To go to the website of Sue Worrall who took the 2019 pics, and there are a lot to wonderful pictures to choose from please click this link




1st     Fynder Shooting the Past IWSD                                                        M.R. Barrington

2nd     Franeo Fowlers Lone Ranger CBRD                                                 D. Compton

3rd     Petsalls Chipmunk CBRB                                                                      D. Tideswell




1st        Green Socks Good Thing Going IWSB                                           D. Lukas                        

2nd     Petsalls Chipmunk CBRB                                                                    D. Tideswell                 

3rd     MacDreams Trent from Cashel Vale NSDTRD                            Y. Titovets                    




1st     Kandrelli Imperial Eagle CCRD                                                        Sharon Eadson

2nd     Riverforest Irish Eider at Cuvana IWSB                                       J. Hempstead

3rd     Diddymowg Xmas Cracker IWSD                                                   J. Bint

4th     Kandrelli Honey Buzzard CCRB                                                      S. Margerison




1st     Stagfield Gamekeeper's Atticus CCRD                                        J. Hirschfeld

2nd     Green Socks Shine Like a Star IWSD                                             Roeterdink-de Haan

3rd     Goldenacre Sea Rider at Cuvana IWSD                                       J. Hempstead


 The images on the website are by kind permission of our photographer Sue Worrall


Minor Breed test at Ash Farm, Winners, judges and our host


Minor Breeds Judges And Award Winners

Minor Breed test at Ash Farm, the award winners, judges and our host