Bucks Area Working Tests




DateTestEntries to be received by:

Sunday 13 March




Venue: Hall Barn, Beaconsfield

Judges: John Stubbs, Barry Taylor, Liz Taylor

11.59pm 27 February

Sunday 24 April




Venue: Henley On Thames

Judges: Jean Baveystock, Karen Handley

11.59pm 10 April

Sunday 22 May



Venue: Hambleden, Henley On Thames

Judges: Ricky Moloney, Josephine van der Dussen

11.59pm 8 May

Sunday 19 June



Venue: Henley On Thames

Judges: Phil Bruton, Helen Goodwin, Sue Jordan

11.59pm 5 June

Sunday 14 August




Venue: Englefield Estate, Reading

Judges: Dave England, Ken Green, Harriet Newcombe

11.59pm 31 July

The entry fee of £10 will rise to £20 if the entry is not received before the deadlines set out above for each working test. 

All of the above tests MUST be entered using the Field Trial Management System (FTMS) and payment MUST be made through PayPal. Entries are limited to members only. If you are unable to use FTMS please see Note 2 below.



1. Rules Kennel Club Working Test Rules will apply to Tests; ie, Running in, whining, at the discretion of the Judges.

2. Entries Entries are accepted solely via FTMS and are limited to members only. Any queries should be directed to the Hon Treasurer by email: mail@nicholaswilson.co.uk or by telephone 07989 522626.

3. Draw The Draw will take place as soon as is convenient after the closing date. Detailed directions and any changes to the starting time will be sent with the draw. 

4. General

  • Competitors and spectators are to make their own arrangements for refreshments.
  • All dogs must have been registered with the Kennel Club in the Owner's name prior to the closing date for entries.
  • Entry fees are per dog per class/test.
  • ALL competitors and spectators are under the Steward's orders at ALL times on the ground, EXCEPT when competing.
  • There will be a raffle at all Tests; any offers of prizes will be gratefully received. Also offers of help to run the tests (Stewards, guns, dummy throwers/placers) will be greatly appreciated. Lunch will be provided to all helpers.



Special Puppy: For any dog or bitch under two years of age on the day of the test.

Novice Dog/Novice Handler: Neither dog nor handler to have won any award, including Certificate of Merit, at a Field Trial, or a first, second, third or Reserve in an Open or All-Aged Working Test, or first in ANY Working Test.

Novice: Any dog or bitch of any age not having won:

a. a Field Trial award, including a Certificate of Merit at a Field Trial.

b. a first, second, third or Reserve in an Open or ALL-ages Working Test.

c. a first in any previous Novice Working Test or any test above Novice level.

d. a first in a combined Puppy and Novice Test where separate awards for Puppies were NOT given. (A first in a Puppy Stake or a first in a Novice Dog/Novice Handler is discounted for this purpose).

Intermediate: Any dog or bitch of any age (in URC Tests, Intermediate is graded between Novice and Open), not having won: a. a first in any Intermediate, Open or All-Aged Working Test. b. a first, second or third in any Field Trial, EXCEPT for a Novice Dog/Novice Handler Field Trial where first only would be excluded.

Open: Open to all members of the URC. Preference in any draw will be given to dogs of members which have qualifications and which make them ineligible to run in any other category of Test. Preference in the draw will be given to host Area Members.

Veteran: Open to all dogs aged EIGHT YEARS or over on the day before the Test is run.


Any dog found to be suffering from an infectious disease or any bitch in season will be expelled from the ground. All competing dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, except when under a Judge's orders. Non-competing dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. They will be subject to any controls imposed by the Stewards or authorised person, including any Committee member.