The Aims and Activities of the URC

The aims of the club are

  • To encourage and promote a general interest in the breeding of all Kennel Club registered breeds of retriever of all varieties but conforming to the respective approved breed standards. (Today the breeds covered are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Curly Coated Retrievers, Flatcoated Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, with Irish Water Spaniels eligible to join in our working activities).
  • To run annual shows. (Today we run a Championship Show and two Open Shows, organised by our Show Secretary, who also organises Judging Seminars for prospective Championship Show judges).
  • To promote working qualities of the breeds holding classes in areas throughout the country, by organising lectures, film shows and demonstrations of gundog activities. (These are organised by the nine Areas of the Club).
  • To organise and run Field Trials for the breeds of retriever recognised by the Kennel Club. (Today we run a Two Day Open Qualifying Stake, an All Aged Stake and three Novice Stakes in different parts of the country, all organised by our Field Trial Secretary in conjunction with the Areas who, for the All Aged and novice trials find grounds and suggest judges). 
  • To arrange and promote Working Tests in Areas throughout the country in accordance with Kennel Club Regulations and United Retriever Club Working Test Regulations. Each dog competing must be a Kennel Club registered dog and of a currently recognised retrieving breed. (These tests are organised by the nine Areas of the Club, who also take it in turn to run the Area Finals, in which the top three dogs from each Area Open Test compete).
  • To encourage and develop all members, including junior members, in their handling and training methods.   (Junior handling working tests and training days are organised by the Areas).
  • To encourage members to develop judging expertise.

In order to run all the above activities, the Club is organised as follows: A National Committee oversees all the activities of the Club and all Shows, Field Trials and Judging Seminars are organised at this level. All the nine Areas send three representatives to the National Committee with full voting powers so that they have a say in the running of the Club and so that the Officers can also keep in touch with the grass roots membership.

The Areas manage their own affairs via their local committees and receive a percentage of every member's subscription to help with administration costs.