Open Sugar Beet Test Boxford 3rd September

We held our Open Sugar Beet test on Sunday 3rd September at Siam Hall, Boxford which is a new ground for us, and we were made extremely welcome.  We were there by very kind permission of Steve Taylor who joined us for the morning to watch and his daughter Abbie and daughter in law Cam came along to present the awards in the afternoon, our grateful thanks to the family for allowing us to hold the test at this great venue.

Big thank you to our judges Rodger Ketley and Kevin Doughty who did a sterling job walking up and down a huge sugar beet field on a very hot day, which just got hotter and more humid as the day went on.  We must also thank our lovely sponsors Skinners who provided vouchers for the award winners. A further massive thank you to our helpers, we are extremely lucky to have a band of helpers on hand and we had the wonderful throwing skills of father and son team Gordon & David, along with Frank and from committee Mike, Fred, Mari, Alison and Cath with Keith running the line.

Keith was steward for the day and as always he set some good tests.  This year was a better year for the sugar beet so all the tests were all 4 dog walked up and the retrieves covered all elements, marks and memory marks in front and across the line, finishing with a blind across the line to live shot, with the guns using black powder making for some spectacular smoke and a wonderful “boom!”  The dummy for the blind retrieve had all been strategically placed at equal distances so every competitor had the exact same distance retrieve, and the stop whistle was paramount as if the dog strayed too far they would pick the wrong “bird." When the dog was on the way back a distraction shot was fired with a retrieve behind the line for the running partner.

It was a hot day so the scenting conditions made it challenging for dogs and the handlers needed to be on the ball with their marking.

There was an unusual run off for third place with the same handler running two dogs!

The day concluded with a raffle, tea and delicious cakes!



1st Place for the Cresthaven Cup   Willowmount Goldikova of Brockaghs -LRB   Jim Collins

2nd for the Pathfinder Cup            Bakers Lad Robin  - LRD    Linda Gray

3rd for the Crosspath Cup             FtCh Bellspaddle Otto   -LRD   Jo Rollinson handled  by Aaron Wright

4th Place                                       Garrethall Toddy  -LRD  Aaron Wright


Royanne Cup for the Best Essex Entry went to the winner  Jim Collins with Willowmount Goldikova of Brockaghs

and the Oysterbed Cup for Judge's Choice also went to Willowmount Goldikova of Brockagh 

 Open Sugar Beet Boxford I 030923




Open Sugar Beet Boxford II 030923


Open Sugar Beet Boxford III 030923