Working Test Training 18th June

We were lucky enough to return to the wonderful Auberies estate on a lovely warm sunny Sunday morning.  Our grateful thanks go to Niki Burke and Dominick for allowing us to return again so soon after our last Working Test.  It was lovely too that Niki spent the morning training he dog with us.

Roy set 5 different test scenarios with the groups rotating to finish at least four of these and they were set to simulate a working test day.  Our lovely panel judge trainers were Glynis Hillier, Jo Rollinson, Jim Gale and Roy Tomlinson who all had a group of 6 trainees.

It was a relaxed start to the morning with coffee and Danish pastries & donuts, what could be better!  Roy ran through the basics and format for the day at tests including completing an entry form, with a gentle reminder about clear hand writing!  Our poor WT Secretary has a nightmare at times trying to decipher dog’s names.


The exercises combined a good mixture of marks and blind retrieves with different areas so that each test scenario combined obstacles for the dogs and handlers.   These included crossing a track, crossing through a ditch, running deeper for a blind after collecting a closer marked retrieve, a mark uphill with a blind round a corner, a mark downhill with a blind into the woods.


Our lovely trainers soon put everyone at ease, and gave everyone plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the morning.


The feedback has been very positive and we had some new members that felt they have benefited from attending this morning prior to entering tests.


Huge thanks to the Burke family for allowing us to use their wonderful grounds, our four lovely trainers and all the helpers Arthur, Mick, Frank and Richard who are non committee along with Jackie, Alison, Mike, Paul , Barbara for doing lunch for the trainers & helpers.  Another successful Essex Area event.  Cath


1806 Lee II






1806 Group 1