Open Qualifier Working Test Bergholt Hall 12th May

1st  Winner of Spaines Hall Cup –Charmpark Fisher – LRD – Arthur Cook

2nd  Winner of Brettonsfield Trophy – Garrethall Topaz - LRB - Liz Ingram

3rd  Winner of Hassenbrook Cup – Bellspaddle Jock - LRD  - Sharon Dingle

4th   not awarded

CoM  Nathansgreen Duga - LRD - Mick Elsey

CoM  Pinfeathers Excalibur – LRD - Callum Raywood

CoM  Naughtland Popcorn - LRB - Andy Ince

CoM  Stauntonvale Margay of Rushbrigg - LRB - Sam Morley Riches

CoM  Hullabaloo Thunder of Thorchase  -LRD - Vince Thorby


Flightline Trophy for Best Essex Entry  - Charmpark Fisher – LRD – Arthur Cook


We were welcomed back to Bergholt for the  second year running, and the keeper and his children spent the day with us along with several of the beaters from the shoot coming to spectate.  We are as always indebted to be able to use these worderful grounds for our sport. 

We are also grateful to our sponsors Skinners who supplied vouchers for the top three dogs.

Our judges for the day were Richard Beckerleg and Mark Polly,  who did a sterling job on what was a very hot May day with limited shade particularly for the judges!  Our stewards Keith and Mike set four good tests, with the one that looked the easiest actually being the most challenging particularly as there was a lack of scent.  As always along with our great committee we had some non committee helpers with Frank, Rob and Dennis putting something back to the club and coming to help, thank you all.


Test 1 was an interesting exercise made up of several parts. starting with a short walk up then a shot was fired and a dummy thrown which was difficult to mark with the tree line, the judge and competitor continued for a few more steps then stopped and the dog was sent for the retrieve.  Whilst on the out run another shot was fired and a dummy thrown further up the hill to the left of the dog, the majority of dogs did not acknowledge the distraction, relying on the handler marking it!

Test 2 was a double blind  with double shot, a straight run uphill through a gap in the woods onto a track, one of the dummies was on the track and the other over to the side.

Test 3 was a double mark, the shorter mark to the left became a memory and the long mark was straight downhill, this proved quite tricky for everyone, not helped with lack of scent.

Test 4 was a double mark into rough grass, with one dummy landing deeper than the the first.  All of the dogs  succeeded and did this really well with several getting full marks.


End of a hot day culmintaed with the usual great assortment of cakes with a cuppa and the raffle was drawn while the scores were added.  There was only one point separating 2nd, 3rd and 4th places with 5 dogs in 4th place!  As it was such a hot day and all the dogs had really had enough, it was decided not to award fourth place and five Certificates of Merit were awarded.


Well done everyone in the awards, and everyone else involved making this a great day.