Special Puppy/Novice/Veteran Lucking Farm 7th April

We were welcomend back to this great venue by very kind permission of the Newton family and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support for the club.   

There is a good variety of terrain allowing for different tests to be set including woods, water and rolling hillside.

Our four judges were Rodger Ketley, Caroline Heasman, Kelvin Smith and Aaron Wright who was judging his first test, thank you all for giving up your Sunday to judge for us.

Our thanks too for Skinners dog food sponsoring the club with vouchers awarded to 1st to 3rd in each category.

We also are so lucky to have a great team of helpers along with the  committee, members and non members all happy to come and spend the day helping from erecting the "new gazebos!" throwing dummies, placing dummies, stewarding groups, making lunch, cakes, selling raffle tickets and clearing up at end of day.  A huge thank you to Gordon & David, Frank, Graham, Andy, Nick, Rob, Alice , Lizzie and Sue along with Mari, Jackie, David from committee and our two stewards Mike and Cath.

So yet again we got lucky with the weather! A dry day, which brightened up with some sunshine in the afternoon, however we did have to contend with strong gale force winds, which certainly affected the dogs and also made it very interesting putting up and taking down our new gazebos!!


Test 1: Set on the hill, judged by Aaron and was a short walk up with the judge and then a shot fired to the far left with a single mark thrown down hill, this looked a relatively straightforward retrieve but the wind played a big part and many dogs lost their mark and struggled to work with the wind.  After the retrieve the competitor and judge continued to walk, another shot fired and dummy thrown, but this time the competitor and judge walked further on before turning to take the retrieve as a memory.

Test 2:  This was in the woods and judged by Kelvin, Novice dogs had a marked memory to the left and a mark retrieve in front, both were easily achievable but if the dogs didn't mark the handlers needed to and this caught several out!  The SP had a mark in front with a blind in the same place.

Test 3:  Judged by Caroline was a mark into the trees at the top of an uphill track, followed by a blind retrieve in a different area of the trees with several dummies out to ensure no swapping!

Test 4:  Was in the lake with a mark in the water followed by a blind along the track for the SP and for the Novice/Veteran the mark became a memory as the blind was collected first, Rodger judged this test.  The strong wind made it trickier for the dogs as this made the dummy drift for the memory retrieve.

The day ended with the customary tea and cake along with the raffle, so despite the wind a good day with worthy winners in each category was had by all.




1st           Delfleet Pied Wagtail                      LRB        Handler: Lee Harmer         winning Sagadawn Cup

2nd          Astraglen Frazier                            LRD       Handler: Gerald Silvey       winning Flightline Cup

3rd           Websend Tab                                 LRD      Handler: Tom Lowe           winning Crosspath Cup

4th           Meerumoon Cosmos                       LRD      Handler: Doug Laflin

Com       Ashport Pennylane of Heronfen      LRB       Handler:  Georgina Bryant



1st           Ardmuir Field Pansy           LRB          Handler: Jennie Hankey       winning the Essex Area Spring Cup

2nd          Tildaross Byron                  LRD         Handler: Chris Johnson

3rd           Lannakers Quset of Tofts    LRD         Handler: Glynis Hillier

4th           Brockaghs Fionnuala          LRB         Handler: Sue Palmer


Special Puppy                   

 1st         Hollowgate Kansas of Rushbrigg   LRB    Handler:  Sam Morley-Riches


Judges Choice for the Ron Bendall Trophy won by Novice  Delfleet Pied Wagtail owned and handled by Lee Harmer


IMG 20240407 154901 HDR