An introduction to the Working Tests run by the URC

Working Tests


They are designed to further good, sound, Gundog work and encourage dogs' natural working ability, but do not involve shooting live game. Work is done with dummies, and these friendly competitions are a natural extension of the training you will already be doing with your dog. The tests are graded from Puppy to Open standard, the entry rules are defined via this link.

Gundog Working Tests are designed to suit the different working abilities of the three Gundog groups, Spaniels, Retrievers and breeds which Hunt, Point and Retrieve.

Our general rules are

In Working Tests at all levels, judges are empowered to withhold awards where, in their opinion, the standard is not sufficiently high to warrant such an award. 

It is recommended there should be one judge to every 20 or part of  20 dogs running in any stake.  Areas are free to appoint as many judges in excess of one as they think necessary to ensure the successful completion of the test. 

Any test run under any name (i.e. Cold Game) should include the appropriate standard of that test as listed in the Working Test definitions (e.g. Novice Cold Game, etc). 

All URC tests are for members only and for dogs registered with the Kennel Club. In the case of joint owned dogs all owners must be Club members, either through single or joint membership.  A test may be limited to one dog per member and/or one dog per handler. 

In tests with limited entry, the following rules shall apply for preference in draws:

Each member is entitled to one preference in the draw.  A single member is entitled to one preference, and a joint membership is entitled to one preference.

A single member may enter a joint owned dog providing that the owners are also members.  A joint member may enter a single owned dog.

Area members are entitled to one preference in the draw before members of other Areas. 

No bitches in season shall be allowed on the ground or its precincts. 

If the organisers, after consulting with the judges, consider any dog is unfit, for whatever reason that dog shall be removed immediately from the test and the ground. 

Handlers shall be under the control of the judges (who, it is strongly recommended, should have practical experience in handling retrievers in tests and, preferably, in the shooting field) and the organisers of the tests.  Any handler who fails to obey test regulations or the instructions of the judges or organisers shall be excluded from the test. No handler shall carry out any physical correction by way of punishment to any dog entered in any test. 

The General Committee of the Club shall be the final arbiter in any dispute over qualification or any matter relating to any test.  In any case of doubt, Kennel Club Field Trial Regulations, where applicable, shall be deemed the authority for the conduct of the test.